For nearly four decades, Energy Futures has researched and written policy reports and full length books covering the environmental consequences of energy use.  The reports listed below are still in print and can be purchased by clicking on the book or report title.  


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"Container Ports and Air Pollution"

Container Ports and Air Pollution

 Energy Future's 2009 study of the global challenge of reducing air pollution from international container shipping.

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"U.S. Container Ports and Air Pollution: A Perfect Storm"

US Container Ports and Air Pollution: A Perfect Storm
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Energy Futures' first container port study.

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"Natural Gas: A 21st Century Transportation Fuel"

Natural Gas: A 21st Century Transportation Fuel

A report on the wide range of benefits that natural gas holds for the energy futures of the U.S.

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Natural Gas: A Bridge to Hydogren

Comments submitted to the EPA/NHTSA regarding the federal CAFE program.

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