Climate Change Left

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Climate and Transportation Solutions: Findings from the 2009 Asilomar Conference on Transportation and Energy Policy

Daniel Sperling and James S. Cannon, co-editors

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Chapter 1: Combating Climate Changes from Transportation

Daniel Sperling and James S. Cannon

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Chapter 2: Scenarios for Cutting Carbon Dioxide in Transport 70 Percent Worldwide by 2050

Lew Fulton

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Chapter 3: U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Transportation Sector

John Conti, Nicholas Chase, and John Maples

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Chapter 4: Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Road Transport in Latin America

Lee Schipper, Elizabeth Deakin, and Carolyn McAndrews

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Chapter 5: Role of Low Carbon Fuel Standard in Reducing U.S. Transportation Emissions

Sonia Yeh and Daniel Sperling

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Chapter 6: A Shared Goal: Addressing Climate Change and Energy Security

Dave McCurdy and Kathryn Clay

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Chapter 7: Vehicle Standards in a Climate Policy Framework

John M. DeCicco

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Chapter 8: Accelerating Technology Innovation in Transportation

John E. Johnston, Carmen Difiglio, Trevor Demayo, Robert Marlay, and David Vincent

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Chapter 9: Smart Growth and Climate Change: California’s SB 375 and Sacramento’s Blueprint Experience

Mike McKeever

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Chapter 10: The Case for Diesel Cars To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Johannes-Joerg Rueger

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Chapter 11: Overview of Light-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy Technology To 2025 and Policy Implications

K.G. Duleep

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Chapter 12: Technologies and Policies for Improving Truck Fuel Efficiency & Reducing CO2

Anthony Greszler

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Chapter 13: Improving the Energy Efficiency and Environmental Performance of Goods Movement

James J. Winebrake and James J. Corbett

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Chapter 14: Potential Reductions of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles and Electricity Generation

Andrew E. Lutz and Jay O. Keller

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